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Magic Tiles 3 APK offers players a compact musical world with great music to show off their piano skills. The team of AMANOTES PTE LTD develops the game. If you are a person who is passionate about smartphone games, this game studio is no longer strange to you with the hit games that have been released.

What is the main role of Magic Tiles 3 APK?

Magic Tiles 3 APK Another special thing about this game, this is the sequel to the game of the same name. After the fans’ unexpected success and enthusiastic support in the previous 2 parts, the developer decided to continue developing part 3.

Magic Tiles 3 APK donwlond  However, in this game, it will not be the same or similar to the previous part. In this part, there are unique new points, helping players to have new experiences.

Magic Tiles 3 APK Are you a music lover? Are you passionate about games that challenge your fast hands and eyes? Let’s come to this game, an upgraded version of Magic Tiles 2. This version provides you with a more diverse song store, and the ultimate sound promises to satisfy you surely.

Breif descriptional of Magic Tiles 3 APK

Magic Tiles 3 APK Coming to the game, you will return with the keys that will have black, blue, and colorless breaks like in the previous 2 versions. Your task is to press and hold the colored keys along the length of the key quickly to get the highest score possible. The keys of the game are like those of a piano.

Magic Tiles 3 APK donwlond The black keys have a fast rhythm, and the blue keys have a slower rhythm, making the song more rhythmic and emotional.

Magic Tiles 3 mod APK When you tap the colored keys on the screen the game provides, the song tunes will also play. Try to touch all the way. the length of the buttons so that the song has a more stable rhythm.

What is it all about?

Magic Tiles 3 APK You will lose if you touch the buttons outside the required touch and touch the length of the key or let the key pass through the horizontal line at the bottom of the screen as prescribed without touching the key. Try to concentrate intensely and observe quickly so that your sound is not interrupted.

Magic Tiles 3 mod APK You have to pay attention to how fast the keys appear in Magic Tiles 3, and they will get faster and faster as you reach certain scores and specific milestones.

 Magic Tiles 3 pro APK From 0 to 3 stars, the speed of the keys is normal. From 3 stars to 2 crowns, their speed is doubled than normal. In the last level, when you reach over 3 crowns, its speed will increase 3 times compared to level 2. You have to manipulate your hands and eyes fast to be able to get a high score.

Overview of Magic Tiles 3 APK

Magic Tiles 3 APK The system of songs in Magic Tiles 3 does not appear all at once for you to choose from. You have to pass levels to unlock new songs of more serious difficulty.

Magic Tiles 3 mod APK In addition, you must watch a short promotional video that does not take too much of the player’s time or use the money and diamonds you earn to buy new tracks that you like. Conquer complex melodies the more your bonus.

Magic Tiles 3 pro APK In the later stages of the game, the rhythms and rhythms of the songs will also get faster, bringing you to the climax like pressing real piano keys.


  • You will also see benefits from low to high speeds. Alternatively, if you fail, you can continue watching the opening video of the game, but you will have to switch to version 5.
  • If you are not finished, you will have to play from the beginning.
  • You can connect with your friends and loved ones on social networks to help them solve gaming problems. The game is unusual.
  • You can also enter the world of popular music with all kinds of singers, ballads, ballads, and covers of pop songs, and repeat for free as you like.
  • If you love music, this is the game for you. Plus, players learn faster and fail faster with the keys in hand.
    Many songs are waiting for you to show your true talent as a singer.

The highlight of Magic Tiles 3 APK

Magic Tiles 3 APK is not just a game. You can also enjoy world-famous songs of all genres, from ballads, and pop to cover songs, and remixes without having to pay fees.

Magic Tiles 3 APK donwlond The game has 2D graphics, and the interface is designed simply with beautiful gradient tones, bringing a very new experience to the player. The sound of the game has a combination of keys with different lengths, and short and reverberating rhythms. Become a master pianist with simple keys in Magic Tiles 3. Bring the music of the world down to your mobile device.

Magic Tiles 3 mod APK Fans of the world-famous piano game franchise rejoin as Amanotes starts introducing their third installment of the awesome Magic Tiles series. Explore the fun and satisfying rhythmic gameplay as you join online gamers from all over the world in this complete music experience.

Magic Tiles 3 pro-APK Express your love for music as you enjoy the incredible piano experiences in Magical Tiles 3. Explore new songs with refreshing tunes and relaxing tracks. Dive into the awesome rhythmic gameplay of piano music combined with many other instrumental tracks.

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