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Clash of Hero Clash APK of Heroes: Save the Dog is a free puzzle adventure mobile video game where you just use your drawing skills to save a dog and fight the big bad guy. Developed by Glacier Gaming, this casual strategy game features classic RPG elements.

But unlike other puzzle games, "Hero Clash mod APK" brings you surprises. At first, you play a cartoon game suitable for dogs, but then suddenly presents a fantasy RPG completely different from the original. game. Courses keep you busy.

What is the main role of Hero Clash APK?

Hero Clash APK is a fighting action game from publisher Glacier Games. In this game, you will become a hero with special abilities and save your country from the terrifying monsters spreading everywhere.

Combine weapons on the map to create a circle of weapons around you to destroy these monsters. Your job should be done smoothly so that the enemy can inflict maximum damage. The more swords you add to the map, the faster the circle moves around you and the more damage you take. So try to increase it.

Not just you, sometimes your enemies also have your weapons. For smaller monsters, you can destroy them without losing anything. But high-level monsters will appear later, and you may have weapons to fight.

If you make the wrong move and eliminate them, you will slowly lose your sword, the circle around you will weaken, and you will bleed. When you face the boss at the end of each level, your health is very important.

Demons have more energy and health than ordinary demons. So the most important thing for you is to protect your health from common monsters and collect as many tools as possible to become stronger.

Brief description of Hero Clash APK

In Hero Clash mod APK, you play a drawing game where you first have to slowly draw a line on the screen to create a shield. The armor attaches to surface objects and your goal is to protect the dog ball from bees for 10 seconds. But then your game suddenly becomes a typical RPG with character-setting mechanics.

This side-scrolling RPG has all the usual idle RPG elements you know - like an auto-battle feature, auto-levelling and upgrades, and plenty of levels to clear while following the storyline. To get more points and rewards, complete the "Rescue the Dog" mini-game. The game switches between the two.

Unfortunately, the distance between the two is huge. They look and feel like two completely different and unrelated games within the same app.

Additionally, the tutorial forces you to click the game's way, and the interface takes a while to start navigating. The story doesn't explain why the game exists, and the title can be misleading.

What is it all about?

Hero Clash download APK is developed by Google Commerce Limited. A popular mobile game developed by, known for its stunning gameplay and deep experience.

The game immerses players in a world of heroic adventure where they can customize their heroes, create strategic battles and interact with other players.

With easy-to-learn mechanics and various game modes, Hero Clas mod APK provides a dynamic and exciting experience for casual and hardcore gamers.

Not only can you fight monsters on the battlefield, but you can also challenge boss monsters in Hero Contest. While the normal game is action combat, the game in this mode is completely different.

You can choose a champion to fight on your behalf. Both sides attack each other, with the first team destroying the other to win the championship.

Overview of Hero Clash APK

Every time you pass a level, you unlock a new champion. Alternatively, these generals can be purchased with gold found in the store.

Hero Clash download APK features many different generals and clans, each with specific strengths. You want a fighter champion that can deal high damage or magic.

Each round pits 6 designated champions against each other on the board. Not only that, but you can also gain special abilities from these champions. However, this ability can only be used once per turn. games, so consider using them wisely.


  • Improved opponent AI: Players will now face smarter, more challenging opponents.
  • New Hero Customization Options: Unlock a variety of cosmetic and functional upgrades, allowing players to customize their in-game characters and upgrade custom heroes.
  • Expanded World Map: Add layers to Hero Clash’s strategic depth and explore new areas filled with unique challenges and treasures.
  • Enhanced Heroic Powers: Characters gain powerful new abilities, giving players new ways to overcome obstacles and enemies.
  • Enhanced social features: Easily connect with friends and allies, strengthening community and collaboration among players.
  • Enhanced Graphics and Sound: Immerse yourself in the game with stunning scenery and an immersive soundtrack that enhances the overall gaming experience.
  • Seasonal Events and Rewards: Participate in exclusive limited-time events with unique challenges and earn special rewards to keep players excited.
  • Changeable weather effects. Changing weather conditions add suspense and realism to combat and exploration, enriching the game's strategic depth.

The highlight of Hero Clash APK

strategic battle

The game is based on strategic battles that require careful planning and execution. To dominate, players must move their heroes strategically, use their abilities effectively, and anticipate their opponent's moves. Every decision you make in combat has a profound impact on the outcome, turning every opportunity into a thrilling test of skill and strategy.

Hero Powers

Understanding and using each hero's unique abilities is a fundamental aspect of the game. From devastating attacks to life-saving treatments, each hero brings unique skills to the battlefield. To create a balanced and powerful lineup, players should pay attention to their team composition and the complementary abilities of each hero.

Property management

Resource management is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Players must gather resources and allocate them wisely to ensure their heroes are ready for battle. Whether purchasing new equipment or upgrading existing equipment, effective asset management can mean the difference between success and failure. 

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  3. it's straightforward to use.

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  2. It is necessary to install it after transfer.
  3. When you have it installed, you can do it yourself.
  4. It's straightforward to use.

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