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29 Febuary 2024
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Hempire MOD APK is a place where you can show your business skills by growing and producing large amounts of cannabis. There are no restrictions on cannabis in this game. All you have to do is grow your business and build a cannabis empire.

Hemp is one of the few crops banned in most countries around the world. Although hemp is not a bad plant, countries want to limit its effects on humans.

What is the main role of Hempire Plant Growing Game APK?

If you want to discover and trade hemp but lack the knowledge, try Hempire. Publisher LBC Studios Inc. Marijuana business simulation game.

In the game, you can grow a variety of cannabis plants for free to produce high-quality and profitable products. The content of the game seems endless, which is enough to keep the player entertained for a long time.

Are you ready to build a cannabis empire and grow everything you need? With over 10 million downloads and a 4.8 rating on Google Play, we're sure you won't be disappointed with the game.

Like other business simulation games, players start the process of growing marijuana from scratch. In a certain case, you get small potted plants and wait for harvest time. Remember that each hemp plant in Hempire takes some time to grow and harvest, so be patient.

Brief description of Hempire Plant Growing Game APK

Once the plant starts growing, you can use scissors to cut the hemp leaves or switch them to other items around town. The business process brings you profits so that you can reinvest in the business and build a vast cannabis empire. The entry-level is usually very easy. Follow the on-screen instructions to better understand how the game works.

Hempire offers users a variety of cannabis plants with different designs, many of which are inspired by reality, so you can feel familiar.

Common sightings include Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, Jack Hare, and many more. In addition, the game allows players to grow cannabis in a laboratory.

Breeding is a very simple technique that allows you to create a unique strain of cannabis by crossing old varieties of hemp. If the crossing is successful, the price of new cannabis will be higher than usual.

What is it all about?

After a period of growth, your old business will be full of different cultures. Now is the time to think about developing a new business to increase profits. Of course, you need to hire more employees or managers to run your business.

Improving equipment is also important. Many branches are necessary to improve the growth of plants and crop products. Hempire also allows players to export cannabis to neighboring countries for everyone to enjoy.

It can be seen that the commercial hemp industry offers very attractive profits to the producers. As a result, we believe there will be more competition for your property throughout the experience. At Hampire, you need to produce quality products at good prices to attract customers.

On the contrary, if you do not know how to lower the price of your product, you will soon be caught by other competitors. Also, in this game, the customer is king and will do anything to satisfy their needs.

Overview of Hempire Plant Growing Game APK

It can be noted that Hempire is one of the few cannabis-themed games that have a good graphical platform with high visual quality. During the game, you will quickly experience the glory of the cannabis kingdom through the image of the famous cannabis strain.

In addition, other details such as construction facilities, characters, and atmosphere are also carefully provided, guaranteeing you the most vivid experience.

Hampyre: Plants Grow Game is a great casual strategy game for mobile. This game is rich in content. The app runs on iOS and Android devices and is made by LBC Studios in British Columbia.

Review of Hempire Plant Growing Game APK

This app allows you to grow different types of cannabis and collect flowers and products that you can sell to your virtual customers. The goal is to build a veritable empire of growing and selling marijuana.

Here you have to use weeds to conquer the world. To produce strong hybrids you need to cultivate the plants carefully and with advanced techniques. Police and black-hearted people who have no ulterior motives in business cannot plant weeds.

But that depends on your own opinion! Just because it's legal doesn't mean you're safe! Hampshire is a funny, dark story, so local police and businessmen, as well as S.E. Get ready to face some scary pictures of an old lady.


to play

If you love playing construction simulation games, you must check out this interesting app. And after a few minutes, you will see that this is not just a skill competition where you have to water and take care of some plants.

Plant Marijuana

It all started with a small hut. The tutorial also makes it easy to get started. I have a simple container of hemp and seeds. You can always grow without spending, so it doesn't matter if you haven't before. The most important thing here is water, which must be added to the plant regularly. Forgetting this can ruin your harvest. There are many additional features throughout the game that allow you to get more out of your plants.

Make sure the environment is clean.

You never know if you make some unusual solutions in your city, you can get more customers. However, every time you solve it, you get a random item. First, you have to worry about park benches, trash cans, and road damage. You also get your first useful tool: a lamp. You can hang them directly on the pots to increase the production.

Additional features of Hempire Plant Growing Game APK


There is always someone in town willing to buy your products. Visit them often and give them what they need. It's part of a mission that gives you extra money or useful items.

Increasing production

A simple cottage will not make you rich. Greenhouses and stables can be continuously expanded.

Let's plant trees.
A dilapidated caravan contains a laboratory for the growth of new species of plants. Cross the two seeds. However, the issues here are not the same. Some species are simple, while others are famous plants.

Expenses and advertising

Like most free games, this one is free. Fortunately, there are no ad banners or overlays. At least in the latest version, you won't see any ad videos while playing the game.

Comprehensive evaluation

It has a new game that removes the traditional game and the operation is simple. Players with disabilities can start now. You can buy money and gems through in-app purchases. In addition to facilitating jobs, we also use additional services such as delivery services.

Highlight of Hempire Plant Growing Game APK

The better they are, the more profit they can bring to the game. You don't have to sell your plants through small traders or street vendors. You can also arrange a delivery service. Unfortunately, jewelry is expensive and rare or only available for real money.

Not only does it have more dishes and more storage space. You can improve your productivity by using various technological aids.

Light promotes growth and cooling, which improves yield. You can automate many things. You will never get bored with this game.

Gradually, you will meet more people and unlock their buildings. Your neighbor is a sexy bride who runs a workshop. You can get various upgrades and resources at your convenience.

There is more to this game than virtual joints sold on street corners. Like most farming games, you can produce different products from your crops. How about a hash cake or delicious hash cookies?

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