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Hay Day APK is still the most popular farming game on mobile devices. High Day Game is similar to other interesting farming games such as Farm City and Green Farm 3.

The game maker creates a graphically powerful platformer with striking characters. The purpose of this article is to give readers a quick guide on how to play Hay Day mod APK mobile games.

What is the main role of Hay Day APK?

Players should note that Hay Day APK is an online farming game. To play, your smartphone or tablet must have a 3G connection or Wi-Fi network. As an online game, High Day has fewer options than other field games. It uses fewer device resources and affects access speed.

The Big Hay Day mod APK game is simple and easy but also includes different crops, animals, car production, and agricultural products trading. This game is perfect for nature lovers who want to feel like a real farmer.

The first lesson of pollen day is collecting eggs. Ducks are the player's first friends in High Day. The operation is very simple. On the chicken farm, eggs are laid by hitting, holding, and pulling the basket with each chicken. Chickens eat on the ground when they are hungry.

Brief description of Hay Day APK 

Press and hold the chicken feed icon and drag it to feed each chicken. Then he has the power to collect eggs. The first game gives you some chicken.

To increase this number, go to the online store in the bottom left corner and drag to the chicken coop to purchase every chicken from the store.

Your farm receives regular visitors. It could be a farmer, a neighbor, or a new friend. Click on the icons to see what they say. The first Hay Day download APK visitor will ask you to name the form. The default is usually your Game Center username, but you can change it.

To purchase everything for farming, from livestock and poultry to sheds, fences, plants, buildings, and jewelry, you can visit the High Day Online Store in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

What is it all about?

This limits the number of items per level. It is open to others as much as possible. So don't panic if you're not ready to buy yet. At the bottom right of the screen is an icon of a person with assistants, friends, and followers. Connect to your Facebook account to find other friends playing Hay Day mod APK.

The first item you buy for your farm is a bakery. Open the online store in the construction section, drag the bakery icon, and place it in the right place in the garden to buy bread. A red status indicates that the project is not suitable for placement or that there is not enough space.

It should be centralized in the field to allow timely inspection and integration. Tap the toast icon and then drag the cake into the oven to bake.

Overview of Hay Day APK 

And to do this, you need enough wheat. On Hay Day download APK, like other agricultural fairs, no seed is sold. The number of seeds increases after each level.

Calculate the time per day based on the actual time. So each installation or baking process takes a few minutes and makes you have to wait for it to complete. If you don't want to wait, you can speed up the process by tapping the lightning icon. You get one diamond for each operation.

So buy a feeder to make food for farm animals. Click on the machine and drag the chicken feed icon to activate it. You should spend five minutes on this step. Chicken feed is a mixture of corn and wheat. It unlocks fodder starting at level 6.

Hi, Day gives you six slots for capital. Touch the whole country. Then take seeds such as wheat and corn to plant. After a while, the seeds germinate and it is time to harvest. Tap and drag the seeds in each section to collect the seeds.


  • If you want to expand this farm, go to the online store, buy every piece of land, and drag it somewhere. After some time the plant will grow tall and bear fruit for you. We store the collected feed in silos and use it for various purposes, such as livestock and poultry, baking, and marketing.
  • Welcome to your second visit to Hay Day mod APK Farm. This beautiful girl buys 15 gold coins for a loaf of bread. This is the retail version of the form. Click yes and you immediately sell the sandwich to the girl. Close your eyes if you don't like it or wait a while if you're not ready yet.
  • Treasures are always in the treasury. In addition to opening treasure chests in your house, visit your neighbor's house to find treasure chests.
  • For easy access to chests, near neighbors with low-level objects that make unlocking easier. And keep an eye out when the lights turn on because there's a chance there's a treasure chest inside.
  • For locked treasure chests, tap the edge of the screen to retrieve them. Keep exploring and try to open treasure chests. If you fail the first time, try again and your efforts will be rewarded with funds.

The highlight of Hay Day APK 

Tom is a fast server and very useful if we know how to use it. We rent this baby for free for a day, so take advantage of it. Try to find time-consuming tasks and sleep to complete them.

If you're on a low level, ask Tom to find tools like a saw, ax, or shovel. If you are a high-leveler, use this baby to level as it is easy to change the level bottle and helps build the ship.

It usually takes 8 hours to make a pot of the same size. But thanks to Tom, you can get nine-level pots in one day. After the free period ends, spend 15 gems to get the baby for the next 24 hours.

Talking to your friends is the best way to get the things you want. Because you have some that you don't have, but others that you have in excess and vice versa.

There are other things that other players need, Hay Day download APK you need them. Please trade with your friends for both purposes and get the necessary items to improve your farm. Maybe it's a predestined relationship that makes a beautiful friendship.

An additional highlight of Hay Day APK 

Join Hay Day download APK groups on Facebook to make the exchange process more convenient as many people share the same Hay Day gameplay as you. Finding business partners becomes easier. You will find many useful sports tips and information through these groups.

Hi, Hay Day mod APK is a fun farming game that aims to give players a very realistic experience. The game smartly integrates into farming. It helps players feel like real farmers with a variety of crops livestock farming systems and eye-catching ornaments.

The game is easy to play, it has a simple gameplay that provides the best fun and entertainment to the players. The game also has unique and easy-to-understand instructions on how to access the game. Once in the game, you become a farmer. You can store, grow, and sell the harvested products by truck.

The tasks you complete daily will have satisfying results. While you wait for the animals and plants to grow, you can use the time to decorate and decorate the farm.

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