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Dragon Mania Legends APK is a new simulation game that allows players to raise, breed, and train cute little dragons to become powerful warriors.

They engage in epic battles to claim their homeland. Players raise dragons to become warriors to reclaim and expand the magical land of Dragon Mania Legends, mod APK.

What is the main role of Dragon Mania Legends APK?

Your mission is to raise dragons and train them to prepare for epic battles. Build a dragon island and get cute little dragons to become mighty warriors.

So fight the evil Vikings and claim your homeland. In this exciting simulation game, players take on the role of a dragon lord who controls an entire country. And you will find more than 100 unique and new dragons.

When you start the game, the game introduction shows you the content and how to play the game with the beautiful field girl. In the beginning, you have two dragons and two settlements. It is Alex who lives in the abode of fire and the dragon of air who lives in the abode of air.

Besides breeding and training dragons, Dragon Mania Legends mod APK, the famous dragon expert, was conquered by the Vikings.

Brief description of Dragon Mania Legends APK

He raises dragons and prepares them for battles. With the support of Dr. Hagwin Hogwanhag created a dragon academy for players to teach the dragons many new spells.

Dragon Mania Legends APK is one of the dragon breeding simulation games on mobile and Windows 8. In the game, players take care of and raise new dragons to train them to become good warriors. Dragon Mania Legend is one of the most popular fantasy pet games today.

With beautiful graphics and fun driving gameplay, the game offers an amazing feature to the players. It can create new dragons.

What's more fun than holding tiny eggs and waiting for them to hatch into amazing and beautiful dragons? However, breeding new types of dragons requires time and effort in the player's research.

What is it all about?

The main task is to create a huge dragon kingdom with many new and beautiful dragon species. In the process of dragon training, unleash dragon fury, visit and reward nearby Dragondia players, and create habitats for special inhabitants of your dragon island.

With the Dragon Mania Legends download APK version, you can raise the dragon by raising, feeding, petting, and training it every day. Additionally, players will have to collect and explore all the different dragons by controlling a never-before-seen unique battle system.

Teach your baby dragon special skills, explore the magical world in over 100 exciting locations, and face different opponents to win special prizes.

At the beginning of the game, we have to play the game to understand the features of the game. To find Prairie Dragon, you must first log into Facebook.

Overview of Dragon Mania Legends APK

You may not need to purchase the Dragon Mania Legends mod APK version, but you will need to purchase Fury. And what is anger? Rage becomes a special skill bar only when you get a perfect hit in the game.

At the beginning of the game, we get a burst of rage when we buy Rage at the store. Rage damage is equal to the team's total damage. All the food you get must go to the prairie dragon, and you can only raise one dragon.

You can complete certain tasks to be rewarded with gems. Buy 20 days VIP when you run out of gems. Then we can make three types of dragons.

Now select the dragon head for the group. The other dragon is now prairie level 30 and the dragon is level 5. And for the main dragon, this level includes 60 food.


  • Next is the reproduction of gold. In the beginning, when gold is low, a complete fire abode is built, then a water abode and an empty abode. And we're always creating new dragons. The most effective way to raise dragons is to choose Void, Energy and Iron Dragon Mania Legends download APK.
  • Note that the main group has not yet been selected. You will still be collecting food for the dragon until level 60. We give a lot of in-game gold to the races above the dragon, and habitat gold is very important when clearing an island.
  • The most effective way to farm gold is to make lots of friends. If we want to make more friends, we go through different groups to play games. You can go to the group members list and add all your friends.
  • More than 2000 friends give you 100 portal games per day regardless of operating system. There are many portal gems, keep hitting the map and knock down the three stars we are on the map.

Highlight of Dragon Mania Legends APK

The game consists of several missions for the players. Dragon Mania Legends mod APK you get experience points after completing the assigned missions. After winning matches or upgrading Dragon Island and collecting food.

Players can access quests by clicking on the quest icon in the lower-left corner of the window. A task list appears and marks new tasks with a flashing exclamation mark next to them.

The quest system in Dragon Mania Legends download APK adds to the management gameplay of creating dragons, feeding them, building homes, and training them to fight Viking dragons. Upon completion, each mission will help you earn rewards that can be gold, gems, or dragon food.

The fun thing about the story of Dragon Mania is that you can create unique breeds by breeding different breeds. The incorporation of a dragon depends on many factors. The dragon has to be fed properly according to the time limit. This improves their HP (Health) and attack power.

An additional highlight of Dragon Mania Legends APK

Remember that Dragon Mania Legends mod APK is free to play while you are playing the game. But some virtual items in the game require real money and purchases from the in-app options.

You can disable this feature in the settings settings. The game also includes the famous three-star calculator when you complete a task. If you want to share your achievements with your friends, you can share them on Facebook through the in-game feature.

As the dragons grow up, you can make them participate in dragon battles to get bonuses. Every battle has dragons on both sides.

Each class sends three dragons into battle and you can choose the right dragon for your team. You can join the battle by choosing through a mission or by visiting an island battleground with nodes.

Note that you lose one unit of power per match after using this power. You can no longer publish matches. And wait for this power hose to complete.

Additional features of Dragon Mania Legends APK

The power unit recharges every 15 Dragon Mania Legends Download APK. If you want to speed it up, you can use this money to buy it. There are plenty of other fun things you can do during this time.

Dragons represent the elements of nature such as fire, water, air, and earth. And some dragons are bisexual at birth. Defeating the boss dragon earns you more experience points. The battle system in Dragon Mania Legends is very simple.

Dragon Mania Legends mod APK, when it's your dragon's turn to engage a dragon. You grab it and drag it to the dragon on the other side. Dragon Frenzy Legends is a fun game, with smooth handling and is suitable for young players.

The game combines many familiar elements. So players understand easily. Although Dragon Mania Legends game is not new, it is still a must-play game.

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