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13 Febuary 2024
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Delivery From the Pain APK allows players to feel and experience what it would be like to live in a post-apocalyptic world. Therefore, all those scenarios are explored and simulated to some extent. To make the game more interesting, we include many stories in the game.

Delivery From the Pain mod APK has a lot of random resources and is an important asset in this game. Players can use it to craft tools. Inspected the house and took up the construction work.

What is the main role of Delivery From the Pain APK?

This happens every day in the game, just like in real life. When a zombie is heard, the character goes into stealth mode. If there are no zombies, the character can walk.

In a park-like open map, the player can use traps to catch small animals for food. Pain Delivery is an amazing survival game that you cannot miss.

Delivery From the Pain download APK begins when Faith Energy, a cancer drug research center, suddenly loses contact with the outside world. The reason lies in vaccine research.

Delivery From the Pain mod APK pain is a combination of daily premium and life or death. A player can easily notice the similarities between these games when playing the survival mode of the game.

Brief Description of Delivery From the Pain APK

In addition to food and drink, find additional ingredients to craft items to enhance your existence in this world. You're not Superman in this game, and that makes suffering all the more challenging.

Delivery From the Pain download APK are different zombies. To deal with them properly, you must first find their weaknesses. You will meet other survivors in the adventure. What you do with it affects the outcome of the game.

So decide wisely. Kill them for more resources or work together to fight an outside threat. It depends on how you play. Plan everything, build yourself a shelter, and equip yourself with powerful weapons.

But, remember that sometimes violence is not the way to deal with everything. Be flexible to find the right solution for every situation.

What is it all about?

Life is not easy. Human life or death does not depend on skill and experience alone. Sometimes I meet them on the road. But what if you're not alone in this space?

How do you rationalize the people you meet on the street or your thoughts about the post-pandemic world? Then try to practice surrendering to the pain.

Delivery From the Pain mod APK and Live or Die games are no strangers to gamers if you love the zombie survival genre on your phone. But if you underestimate the plea of pain, you are wrong. Although they look similar, the way the world is presented in Zombie Outbreak is different.

At the beginning of the game, you decide which character to start for your survival. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses and a completely different story. This directly affects your gaming experience in the game.


  • We don't suggest which characters to choose because every story is the same. It's best to play through a few times and select all characters to enjoy the full content of the Pain offering.
  • Delivery From the Pain download APK easily finds similarities between these games while playing, especially the survival mode in the game. In addition to food and drink, find additional ingredients to craft items to enhance your existence in this world.
  • It all comes down to the timing of your day. There are 24 hours in a day. You can travel only till 18.00 hrs on that day. Stay overnight in a shelter and do what you can or prepare for the next day. However, not everything is so simple.
  • Humans have three basic needs: food, sleep, and sex. However, in this pandemic world, food and sleep are a gift. But it's a completely different story than surrendering to pain. Even if you want to cancel the game, you still need to sleep. Sleep may be the most important requirement here

Highlight of Delivery From the Pain APK

Without intelligence, the human body is often prone to errors because its functions are erratic and careless. This relaxation allows you to spend more time living and doing other daily activities. Therefore, the practitioner recommends three to six hours of sleep.

Delivery From the Pain mod APK is time to rest and recover, that's fine. The timeline in this game is not much different from Day R Premium and Live or Die. They take to the streets to commit thefts during the day.

And home for the night. Come home for a while, then dinner. But the charm of Delivery From the Pain APK speech does not derive from the pain of living. While they're all non-player characters, they don't need the content you pack like the real people in Day or Premium and Live or Die.

Delivery From the Pain download APK all have their own stories. Only when the zombies come out do people take the time to help each other. It respects the game characters and makes your healing journey much shorter. You know you are not alone. And you are still human.

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