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CASE Animatronics APK in point: Animatronics is one of the highest-rated mobile horror games by critics and is highly recommended for gamers who love the genre.

CASE Animatronics mod APK The Animatronics is an action thriller released on Steam. The point behind the game: The animatronics made a strong impression in a very scary place that made the players tired. Game Elements:

What is the main role of CASE Animatronics APK?

After you kill a mysterious character the animatronics keep taking you to the school. Download Case: Animatronics to start this awesome horror adventure.

CASE Animatronics download APK is easy to reach if you have played Part 1 of this game. You play as a young man who saves a private school where a terrible massacre occurs when many students die. You can find out what happened here in the hidden puzzle room.

Players must avoid each challenge. CASE Animatronics mod APK has a total of 5 episodes. Complete these five episodes to find out who is behind these evil schemes.

They have created giant robots that can kill many people and this is an unforgivable crime. Adventure in an abandoned school is not easy, so we recommend that reckless players do not participate.

Brief description of CASE Animatronics APK

There are some dark areas in the game, but all the rooms are bright, so you can miss these dark areas. A flashlight is an important tool to have with you. Here you will find the secrets. Players move into rooms and follow on-screen instructions.

These tutorials will guide you through the deadly traps. Although it is inevitable, only those who repeat the game know how to avoid this temptation.

CASE Animatronics download APK is a scary and challenging first-person horror game featuring case animatronics. Players play the role of a detective facing many dangers, your life is always threatened by invading robots.

For example: animatronics, any element in your room or hallway can save your life. Although the animatronics are in constant motion, they narrowly escape death. Also, don't just trust your eyes. Be careful to listen to everything around you, any sound can change the situation and put you in danger.

What is it all about?

Looped is a combination of puzzles and action games which is very successful in instilling fear in the players, all the scenes in the looped game are full of fear and all the sound graphics are extra. This is the coolest character in the game.

CASE Animatronics mod APK is the main thing players need. It helps you view security cameras, monitors, and control rooms. Try to find the reason for this horrible violence and horrible encounter. Please download and immerse yourself in a world full of amazing adventures and CASE animatronics characters.

An image that confuses players in this regard: the animatronics, a dog with a cat's face. You are on a very hostile trail from Part 1 to Part 2.

They can show and scare you. When faced with this, remember that your only solution is to hide in the closet, under the table, and turn off the flashlight.

Overview of CASE Animatronics APK

CASE Animatronics download APK has a multiplayer mode, but the mode doesn't follow the main story and is on a map. Story Mode takes you through simple tasks to survive to the end and earn bonus points to develop more advanced skills and equipment.

You can find useful items such as gold coins, and a tab for scanning cameras - essential tools to understand the status of all rooms in the house.

Some rooms require players to unlock a key, but finding the key is difficult and requires overcoming small obstacles along the way.

Without a doubt, CASE Animatronics mod APK is a great choice for horror fans. You can ask the police to help you when you face these scary zombies

Review of CASE Animatronics APK

Case: Animatronics is a horror, horror, and drama simulation game. This game keeps the players from leaving the screen and always having suspense and suspense.

CASE Animatronics download APK is a very scary and challenging first-person horror game. Control of the police station is in the hands of a mysterious thief. They close all the outlets. Electricity was cut. The iron giants approached. Detective Bishop, can you survive?

Welcome to the police station, where overdoing things can have tragic consequences. Example: Animatronics Players take on the role of John Pope, a detective who investigates tirelessly at night.

One day, in your nightmares, you wake up in the middle of the night to a strange phone call from your ex that turns your world upside down.


  • Your police department has no authority. The CASE Animatronics mod APK system has been hacked. We close all outlets. But this is not necessarily a problem. Someone or something is watching you. Red eyes flashed from dark corners, a clang of metal echoing in the darkness.
  • You know them as animatronics (toys controlled by robots), but they are controlled by a mysterious and terrifying force. The player's task is to find out what is happening in the police station, survive the night, and find out who is responsible for this terrible madness.
  • Each object is placed in a room. And remember, walking can save your life. No more animatronics sneaking into player closets or hiding under tables!
  • Players can keep moving and avoid death despite being watched by animatronics. It's all about you! Try to find the cause of this terrible chaos and complete the terrible missions!

Highlight of CASE Animatronics APK

Just like in part 1, you are just a security guard in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 game. The place is still haunted by familiar, friendly people during the day, but at night it's very creepy.

We recently introduced our readers to Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Developed by Scott Cawthon, this indie horror mobile game offers simple and unique gameplay with high performance.

While the frenzy over the game's original version isn't over, the developer has released a trailer for its mobile horror game Free Nights at CASE Animatronics Download APK. As seen in this trailer, the game offers more than horror elements to scare the player.

The scene of this game is in Freddy Fazbear's new pizzeria. This shop has been there for a long time and no one has visited it. That's why it looks so dirty and dark.

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