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v14.9 for Android
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10 Feabuary 2024
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Blue Ninja APK creates unique battles to uphold justice and fairness; Players become powerful ninjas and their skills are flexible. As a resident of this beautiful city, you cannot ignore criminals. Teams make your job harder, but it’s a barrier at first. The legendary ninja story continues with more victories as the battle progresses.

What is the main role of Blue Ninja APK?

Blue Ninja APK In the latest version of Ninja Blue, there are plenty of opportunities to use new weapons. One of those stars can be called. This weapon has good damage and can be used when the distance between you and the enemy is too great.

Blue Ninja mod APK This makes the star the device of choice for many. In addition to curbing corruption and creating chaos in the city, some groups can also help change leaders.

Blue Ninja pro-APK Players who participate in "Blue Ninja" can experience unique events from a first-person perspective. Each component is displayed on the screen to help reduce the distance between the controller and the monitor.

Breif descriptional of Blue Ninja APK

Blue Ninja APK The recommended option is the virtual button on the home screen. You can easily control your characters to do what you want based on their behavior.

Blue Ninja mod APK The event takes place in real-time; Additional rewards can be earned by completing tasks. Everything is displayed on the game's main screen.

Blue Ninja APK donwlond Keeping the peace of the beautiful Blue Ninja city is the ultimate human goal. All your movements will be recorded and affect multiple enemies. This prevents bandits from invading their territory and prevents poaching.

What is it all about?

Battles between ninjas and gangsters make this adventure exciting and dangerous. All ninja skills like running, jumping, and grappling come in handy at this time.

The blue ninja and his dangerous mission to conquer the world continue on his journey in the face of many obstacles. Players take on the role of a professional ninja, trying to better themselves and destroy various criminal organizations.

During transportation and combat, you are in danger, so players must have high skills. This system gives you a variety of tools that can help you before the battle begins.

Overview of Blue Ninja APK

Blue Ninja APK The city needs your help fighting the most dangerous criminals and criminals who daily threaten the lives of its citizens. Put on your blue ninja suit and be a hero. Live high on the blue ninjas, give them hope, and cheer on the blue-suit warriors.

Blue Ninja APK donwlond Control everything about your blue ninja, freely explore the game’s open city, and unlock many advanced missions. Have fun with the gangsters on the blue team, use your amazing skills to defeat enemies, and roam freely around the city. Unlock many fun mechanics in the game and enjoy your character.

Blue Ninja mod APK is the best mobile game for Android players to play exciting RPG games and become the hero the city dreamed of. Put on the blue suit and start protecting the citizens from thieves, mafia lords, robbers, and more.


  • Missions and challenges are waiting for you, including thrilling confrontations between ninjas and criminals in the famous city.
  • Confront some criminal gangs, prevent their activities, and influence people’s lives.
  • Players replace bosses in battle when they easily defeat any gang and leave unforgettable memories when they fail.
  • The system adds a lot of new weapon-related content in the updated version, applying more special moves in combat.
  • Experience the life of a powerful ninja and improve various stories in the city with your influence.

Highlight of Blue Ninja APK

Blue Ninja APK Enjoy the in-depth ninja knowledge in this game, as well as the beautiful hook that allows you to freely roam the city. Become a superhero, fight like a real ninja, and enjoy fun games. Immerse yourself fully in your game to use your amazing skills to defeat your enemies and enjoy the best game.

Blue Ninja APK donwlond First, Blue Ninja players enjoy simple and intuitive controls that allow them to freely explore the city with their character. Move around and use touch buttons to perform simple tasks.

Blue Ninja mod APK For those of you who are interested, you can now freely swing around the city with your Blue Ninja. Simply make use of the grappling hook to quickly travel between the building blocks, by swinging from one to the other. 

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