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07 feabuary 2024
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Beatstar Premium APK is a popular music game with over 10 million downloads. You can find a new kind of music that can bring you closer to the song. You can view the songs and go to your favorite music.

While your favorite songs are playing, you can discover new songs through streams and recommendations. You can own the moments and make them the way you want them to be.

What is the main role of Beatstar Premium APK?

Beatstar Premium APK You can tap and slide to adjust sounds, beats, and other instruments for a better experience. You can discover new songs from your favorite artists.

Beatstar Premium mod APK You can choose your favorite song from Beatstar Mod APK and install it as a skin. There are a lot of clues so you have to tap, slide, and tap to get a high score and win. To get more points, it is better if you play the correct rhythm of each song.

Beatstar Premium pro APK You write with your finger and feel the power every time you write. You can play as many songs as you want before learning any of them.

Breif descriptional of Beatstar Premium APK

Beatstar Premium APK Unlock All Songs to find and play all the popular songs from your favorite artists on Beatstar without restrictions. You have access to the best playlists that hundreds of artists have worked on.

Beatstar Premium APK donwlond You can listen to the most popular songs and great offers to make your day. They have all the special features to give you an unforgettable experience.

Beatstar Premium mod APK With Beatstar you can share new and popular music with your friends and earn points. You can beat them to prove that you are the best in this game.

Beatstar Premium pro-APK Challenge other players and slowly rise through the ranks. The game gives you a new and exciting experience. For music lovers, Beatstar - Touch Your Music is a great place.

What is it all about?

Beatstar Premium APK Since it helps you hear sounds, you will love playing notes to create a perfect sound. The game allows you to mute the music and make soft or loud sounds depending on your preference.

Beatstar Premium pro-APK The player is ranked for his best performance and gets many good points and interesting things. As long as you have a great passion for music, age is not an issue that will stop you from achieving your dreams.

Beatstar Premium mod APK If you come to Beatstar, you like original songs. Simple gameplay requires players to tap and slide instruments, voices, or drums to make the song sound good.

Overview of Beatstar Premium APK

Beatstar Premium APK This is useful if you have a drum in mind to create a perfect and finished piece of music. You have to hit, slide, and tap every note to win. Remember not to miss a note or finish the song.

Beatstar Premium APK donwlond Instead of listening to songs and hearing what they like, players can now play and enjoy these songs. Thanks to Beatstar - Touch Your Music, players can get closer to music.

Beatstar Premium mod APK Players like the sounds of the music pitch, which must be quick and fast to hit the right drum in the song. Players can practice songs out loud or songs by famous singers.

 Beatstar Premium Pro APK The game is regularly updated with new songs for you to learn and enjoy. With many songs available to practice, players must participate in challenges to unlock the most difficult songs.


  • With simple operations, you can enjoy your favorite songs in this new way.
  • A variety of different melodies for you to freely choose the songs you love.
  • Collect scores through plays to be able to top the leaderboard with outstanding achievements.
  • Share music with friends to let them feel; you can challenge them and brag if you beat them.
  • Experience an ample and fun playing space that brings moments of comfortable music enjoyment.

Highlight of Beatstar Premium APK

Beatstar Premium APK In addition to individual work, Beatstar also offers players shared work. You can share your favorite songs with your friends so they can enjoy the experience. Or you can challenge your friends and take pride in beating them.

Beatstar Premium pro APK Beating other players also helps you level up faster. Players love the cheerful music environment combined with beautiful colors that evoke positive emotions. Listen to your favorite songs in a new way.

Beatstar Premium mod APK Players will feel every shot in their hands. Many opportunities to create unique and interesting experiences. Thanks to Beatstar, your favorite songs become even more memorable.

Beatstar Premium APK donwlond For music lovers, Beatstar cannot be ignored as it brings unique moments and a new music scene that leaves a deep impression in the hearts of the players. Songs are played randomly every day and with these songs, you can test yourself. 

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