ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK

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Studio Wildcard
v2.0.29 for Android
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08 feabuary 2024
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ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK Note The game is officially only supported on touchscreen Android devices with 3GB of RAM and the latest Vulkan support. Some of the listed devices are not compatible with the game, we will fix it.

What is the main role of ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK?

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK Do you know someone Join them, raise a family, and develop your country? Make friends with thousands of attacking dinosaurs outside.

Meet other players and friends in Jurassic World, create families, and work together to build a living colony. Based on the genre-defining experience for PC and consoles, ARK Survival Evolved Mobile mod APK. 

 ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK donwlond Survival presents the challenges of survival and growth on a mysterious island where you find yourself alone and unattacked. Collection of clothing and equipment for hunting and hunting.

Breif descriptional of ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK

 ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK Expand your sphere of influence by hunting and capturing dinosaurs to obey your commands. Make new online friends, build gates, and build powerful structures to defend against humans and giant animals.

 ARK Survival Evolved Mobile pro-APK Over 80 Dinosaurs: Use creative skills and strategies to train, feed, and breed thousands of dinosaurs and other species as they roam the ever-changing dynamic ecosystems of land and sea, sky and land.

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile mod APK Explore ancient worlds teeming with life and breath; Find a way to survive, win, and escape from prison. Work and build: spend money to live, craft weapons, clothes, and equipment, and build outposts, towns, and cities.

What is it all about?

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK Survive alone or with others: join hundreds of players in the vast online world or play alone. ARK has a good relationship between humans and dinosaurs.

 ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK donwlond You will see many types of dinosaurs; It is very good and tasty. You will meet dinosaurs in your life. Many diseases are waiting for you and many people are looking to attack your hole.

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile pro-APK Who are they? Will you face humans or monsters? Stop the war and form a special rescue team!ARK in the forest takes you back to the old days. The main desire of the player is to get involved in the exciting life of a dinosaur hunter.

Overview of ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK The team carefully takes out the giant dinosaurs they want to use. Players must control their position without fear of control. It is a good choice as a companion when entering the forest.

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK download life may take some getting used to, but you'll have a lot of fun. It is a type of animal fighting technique that can be used against more than 80 species of dinosaurs, using it against large animals such as elephants, tigers, or terrestrial dinosaurs. Moreover, living deep in the forest is dangerous; To defeat them, players must have special skills.

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile mod APK Fighting together with survivors is less stressful. This is a very good platform for gamers. Need to build more shelters, store food, and attack enemies. Hard life can't stop you.

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile pro-APK You will be asked thousands of difficult questions in a short period. Adding life is a good idea. Now you have to deal with more problems and friends.


  • Players walk around the vast forests and discover different species of dinosaurs; you can get to know, chat, and tame them as companions.
  • Various details in the game, such as graphic technique sound, help you get unique feelings when living with beautiful nature.
  • You are not alone in this land; you find your friends in some ways. Let’s form tribes together and develop them.
  • Great deals and better features will be provided in the upgraded version; players need to make some moves to subscribe to an ad-free upgrade pack.
  • Check your mailbox regularly to ensure you don’t miss any information. You can find exciting quests about hunting and suggestions for getting to know new dinosaurs.

Highlight of ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK

The project is developing ARK Survival Evolved Mobile APK coins for those who pay to experience the game. Some changes have been made to the interface of the currency version.

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile mod APK You will not interfere with other messages in the middle of a battle. Communication quality is good. Access to the program is also unlimited. If you have a special upgrade pack, the experience level of the game will double over time.

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile Pro APK has a dedicated inbox where you can receive various notifications about game events and tasks to complete. Players continue to build more buildings, expand the field, and meet the needs of the right base.

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